"The only book that can help you to make incredibly delicious and healthy Persian dishes." -Jacklin Yalmeh

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The Hidden Recipes of Persia
What this book will teach you?
The Hidden Recipes of Persia That Will Help You To Make Amazing, Delicious And Healthy Dinners For Your Friends And Family. Persian Cuisine is Offered by Only a Handful of Restaurants In Most Cities In The Western World That Recipes Will be In Your Hand to Try Out.
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  • Persian hidden recipes that will be the best choice for making persian food.
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  • Step by step Guideline for making persian food and avoid mistakes.
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The Hidden Recipes of Persia

About The Author

Jacklin Yalmeh

Jacklin Yalmeh is an artist and writer. Her creative mind and artistic talents are showcased in this lovely book. She enjoys expressing her creative thoughts and visions through her books. Starting with a rudimentary understanding of English as a second language several years ago, her writing skills have grown through her perseverance and determination. She likes to write positive and uplifting stories for children. Relying on memories of her own childhood imagination and the delightful experiences of creating her own stories as a youngster, one could say this is a natural extension of her self.


  • “Amazing dinners - and also balanced! I prefer “The Hidden Recipes of Persia” for every meal. In addition , my children & I have already been making the most of these. Every little thing will be prepared plainly using elements in addition to guidance that are easy to check out! Who would have thought I could prepare these incredibly amazing and healthy dinners. I cannot thank Jacklin Yalmeh enough. Christina Watts. 
  • “Your dishes are perfect! Jacklin Yalmeh, Thanks a lot for making the effort along with setting up your cookbooks! Your dishes are perfect!! I am married to a man with a fairly sweet tooth and it is nice to find recipes to satisfy him and keep him healthy. He is delighted when I cook Persian dishes for him! A enthusiast, Belle K.
  • Can’t thank you enough! We would like to thank you for the book you have written “The hidden recipes of Persia”. It is really illuminating. We really appreciate it. We like it So much. Thank you for your hard work. My mother uses it all the time and makes delicious dishes for whole family. Shannon & Family
  • Delicious! I had the pleasure of purchasing this book. I consider this book worth double the price. This book was very easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. I highly recommend this book to all my co-workers and friends. A Fan Susan GerberWonderful Cook Book! Wow...what a wonderful book! Great recipes, Works great on the iPad. Lots of variety. The photos are excellent. Best Regard, Mary Willams